During their annual conference, 350 American Airlines managers gathered to create more than 300 developmentally appropriate take-home packages for infant and toddlers that included paint, toothbrushes, and books among other materials. These packages provided tools to families in our Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership (EHS-CCP) program that they can use at home to engage their children in meaningful learning experiences.

United Way’s EHS-CCP works with early care and education centers and family child care homes across Miami-Dade to elevate and expand access to quality infant and toddler care and provide for successful transitions through kindergarten. The EHS-CCP also provides comprehensive services to 320 infant and toddlers and their families throughout Miami-Dade County. The EHS-CCP plays an important role in developing a goal-oriented relationship with families. When our staff members develop a relationship based on respect and trust, family engagement is more likely to thrive. Research has shown that when parents have adequate resources, live in safe home environments that support learning and development, and provide active and intentional learning experiences, children have better chances for success in school and in life.