In celebration of the winter months and the holiday season, Center children put their creativity to the test by creating snowmen from around the world. Requirements stipulated that no snowman may be smaller than the smallest child in a class but they could, however, be as high as the sky. Snowman nationality ranged from Egyptian to French.

This contest not only served to welcome winter and the spirit of giving, it provided teachers with an opportunity to educate children about the diversity within their own classrooms. At the Center’s Demonstration School, Educare of Miami-Dade, cultural relevance is applied and modeled as a best practice. This means that care giving routines, teaching strategies and curriculum match each individual child’s home culture.

Miami serves as a great example of a place where families and children can retain their unique cultural identities while maintaining their place in the larger framework of our society. By practicing cultural relevance, that thought comes to life in the classroom as children learn about their peers’ cultural practices in addition to their own. By modeling culturally relevant programming, the Center promotes acceptance of all people, all appearances, all cultures, and sometimes, all snowmen.