Comcast partners with Center to provide technological training to early childhood professionals

September marked the start of this year’s Technology Awareness Training Series, made possible through a Comcast grant. This series is designed to provide professionals in the field of early childhood education with instruction on technological applications for classroom use and documentation.  Training is being facilitated by a certified instructor and interested, technologically-savvy students from Miami-Dade County Public Schools.
Program goals include encouraging early childhood educators to use computer technology proficiently, providing innovative ideas to encourage literacy through technology, and demonstrating the importance of digital documentation in the classroom.

The Center focuses on the importance of technology in early education and integrates it into its programming by equipping educators, directors and administrators with the skills they need to become technologically savvy and make the most of this digital age. Through the use of technology, educators are able to enhance the classroom experience and better track the progress and growth of their students; directors and administrators are able to run organized, efficient, high quality programs; and children are able to further explore the depths of their imaginations and abilities.

This training series centers on the infinite potential of technology to further knowledge, with a special focus on enhancing early literacy. The positive impact of this program will reach hundreds of children in Miami-Dade with the potential of reaching thousands of children and youth throughout the nation as a replicable program.