At the Demonstration School, teachers model an inquiry-based learning approach that is guided by investigation and questions posed by children. This approach naturally fits with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education since it promotes critical thinking and innovation in the early years.

Through the Early Science Initiative Acceleration grant led by Dr. Daryl Greenfield from the University of Miami, Educare schools in Seattle, Omaha, and our Demonstration School are developing a school-wide culture of inquiry through the integration of science content and pedagogy into embedded professional development in the classroom

Wilda Ramos and Diana Najera, two toddler teachers from the Demonstration School, were invited to join the University of Miami team at the Early Childhood STEM Conference in Pasadena, California. Wilda and Diana shared their experiences with the children at the Demonstration School and how these new concepts learned through the grant are impacting their teaching practices as well as children’s learning experiences.

“The Demonstration commitment to the Early Science Initiative is palpable. The teachers in the audience were able to get concrete classroom examples from Wilda and Diana that were incredibly helpful. The Center is really elevating the quality of early care and education in Miami-Dade and beyond by sharing classroom experience at a national level.” – Daryl Greenfield, Ph.D.