Eleven Educare organizations were awarded nearly $30 million in federal grants to boost the quality of their infant and toddler programs through the Early Head Start Partnership grant. Last week, Educare Learning Network Leaders from 11 cities met at the United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education with the objectives of leveraging peer knowledge; create peer relationships for future support across the Educare network, and identify policies that are barriers to implement the program successfully. Currently, the Early Head Start program only reaches 4 percent of eligible children under age three living in poverty nationwide. For this reason, Educare is working on expanding access to early care and education to the homeless population and increasing enrollment.

The Center’s Demonstration School joined the Educare Learning Network in 2008, becoming the seventh Educare Center in the country. Today there are 21 centers in this growing network which is regarded as one of the nation’s most effective early childhood education program.