At the Demonstration School


High quality early education paves the way for the future success of today’s children. You can be a part of that by volunteering your time at the United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education. There are a handful of volunteer opportunities at the Demonstration School, from reading to children to participating in arts activities. Volunteers will work under the guidance and supervision of the lead teacher of the classroom.

Before volunteering

Call Paula Moujalli, director/principal of the Demonstration School at 305-631-7638 or email her at

The Department of Children and Families requires that any volunteer working for more than 10 hours within a week completes and passes a level 2 background screening.

During volunteer hours

Participate in the following orientations:

  • Overview of United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education.
  • Demonstration School philosophy and classroom management techniques.
  • Child abuse and neglect reporting procedures and health and safety requirements.