The Educare Learning Network is a partnership between the Ounce of Prevention Fund and the Buffett Early Childhood Fund that aims to narrow the achievement gap for children living in poverty by building schools and creating a network of early learning champions around the country.

The Center’s Demonstration School joined the Educare Learning Network in 2008, becoming the seventh Educare Center in the country. Today there are 21 centers in this growing network which is regarded as one of the nation’s most effective early childhood education program.

On April, our own Gladys Montes was selected to serve on the Educare Leadership Council.  The Council is a small group of executives from the Educare Learning Network that engage in joint planning, prioritizing and decision making to achieve the short-and-long-term objectives and move closer to the joint vision of expanding and influencing the nation’s early childhood education system, leveling the playing flied for every child. Gladys is one of five Educare Schools’ representatives to serve on the Council.