Renowned expert in early education Pamela Phelps to deliver training at Center

The United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education Resource and Training Center will host a training conducted by Dr. Pamela Phelps, renowned expert in the area of early childhood research. The training, “Understanding the Florida Early Learning Standards, Play, and Best Practice” is designed to help adults working in the early childhood setting understand the Florida Early Learning Standards and how to implement them through rich playful experiences.  The training will be attended by experts and leaders in the early childhood education community who are equipped with the experience and knowledge to train other professionals in the field.

The three-day series will take place Monday, December 8th, Tuesday December 9th, and Wednesday, December 10th from 8:30 am – 4 pm at the Main Stage, located on the 2nd floor of the United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education.

Every three years, the State Board of Education must review and revise the performance standards for young children.  Just this past August, the Board approved a revised set of standards which have not yet been published.

This three day training will give leaders in our early childhood community the skills they need to navigate the new Early Learning Standards within a given early learning setting and to teach others how to implement best practices.

About Dr. Pamela Phelps

With over 40 years of experience, the instructor, Dr. Pamela Phelps, is an expert in the area of early childhood research.  She is the vice-chair of the Creative Center for Childhood Research and Training and is active in local, state, and national professional organizations. She works as an advocate for young children and their families on both the state and national levels. She formerly served as chair of the State of Florida’s Coordinating Council for Early Childhood Services through appointment by the Commissioner of Education for the State of Florida and was a past member of The Florida Interagency Council for Infants and Toddlers. She has published articles in professional early childhood and special education journals; directed research in early childhood settings; and regularly conducts workshops for educators and parents on play and play environments, behavior management, and numerous other topics related to young children.